Overhead Crane & Basic Rigging Training 

Course Summary 

Overhead Crane Training with Bennett Safety will cover a variety of industrial types of cranes including bridge, jib and gantry cranes. We will customize a site-specific program that meets the needs of each workplace. A consultant will educate clients on types of overhead cranes, pre-operation inspection, basic rigging practices, safe work procedures and steps to avoid hazards. 

Learning Objectives 

In-Class Theory:

  • Review OHSA and CSA standards 
  • Review pre-task panning and pedestrian traffic plan management  
  • Review operator’s job site responsibilities & operator’s manual 
  • Machine orientation and controls
  • Basic rigging practices 
  • Pre-operation inspection (daily circle check) 
  • Safe operation 
  • Formal written evaluation (minimum of 80% must be achieved to pass) 

Practical Evaluation:

  • Pre-operation Inspection (circle check)
  • Workplace safety inspection
  • Demonstrate basic rigging practices
  • Practical skills evaluation
  • Recognizing onsite hazards during operation
  • Safe handling of loads
  • Parking and shut down procedures
  • Proficiency demonstrations


8 hours 


Record of training with a certificate and wallet card will be provided at competition of training. 

Legislative Reference

All Bennett Safety programs have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Association (OHSA) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

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